Frequently asked questions.... 


Will you travel!?


  • Absolutely! We have a minimum tent set up to travel but we have the ability to accommodate over 100 plus people. Talk to us.. we can make it happen! 


So wait!? Are you the campsite!? 


  • No! Great question. We are not the campsite; we operate from the GRCA Elora or we set up anywhere locally  ( backyards, farms etc) or outside of Elora for a travel fee. 


So is the campsite fee included? 


  • No! the campsite fee is not included. You are required to book and pay for your site and let our team know what site number you book. 


We are looking at the GRCA sites, do we have to get a premium site or a site with electric? 


  • No! You can book any site that you are comfortable with. We do not require electric to set up. We will give you a heads up if sites are too rocky, sloped or small for our equipment. It is then your responsibility to change the site as it is not a good fit for the tents ( we will always suggest other numbers ) 


So now, I have booked my site. What is included!!?? 


  • Inclusive in your booking is your full set up and tear down, a double bed, rug, sheets/ duvet, chairs and a table and a lantern. ( all made to look fabulous ) 


What if I want to add an extra bed? 


  • Please add an extra bed to your booking or email our team to make sure a bed is available.


Can I switch my reservation to someone else?


  • It is up to our discretion if a switch is appropriate and the campsite names must be switched on the client's end.



Are you Kid and pet friendly!? 


  • Yes ! we are absolutely kid friendly. Sadly we no longer accept dogs as people have allergies. 


Can I pay the day I show up?


  • We require full payment to keep your reservation at the time you book. You can pay via E transfer or Pay Pal


What if it rains!?


  • Don’t worry, we dislike the rain too. We will still set up as long as there is no lightning. If there is and it persists all day we will ask you to please re book as it is not safe for anyone!


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